More info will be coming about the 2019 Quilt Entry Theme.

The deadline comes faster than you think!


Deadline for Quilt Entries SEPTEMBER 15th, 2019

TO RECEIVE AN ENTRY FORM: Email use our Gmail address: ConnectionsQuiltFestival @ gmail.com

The theme for this year (2018) is inspiration. We are hoping that the Connections Quilt Festival is a relaxing Quilt Conference & Retreat where you will connect with friends, find inspiration in the works of other quilters, and come together to learn, laugh and reflect on the many twists and turns, and roads taken, and untaken, that have brought us all together at the Connections Quilt Festival.

Please Read Carefully!
  • Quilts may be offered for sale. Interested buyers can fill out a “Quilt for Sale Contact Information Form” at the quilt show information table so that the quilt maker can contact potential buyers after the quilt show.
  • All quilt entries must be postmarked or emailed no later than October 15th, 2018.
  • Quilts may not have been previously exhibited at CQF, except by special request.
  • Each quilt must have a label that includes the quilter’s name and title of the quilt and is sewn onto the quilt back.
    • All quilts must have a 4" wide opening, hanging sleeves.
    • Sleeve must have at least a 4” opening and have top and bottom sewn securely to the quilt back.
    • Top of sleeve must be no more than 88” from the bottom of the quilt.
    • Entries received without sleeves or sleeves improperly attached will not be exhibited.
  • Quilts that require special handling (fragile embellishments, special hanging apparatus, can’t be folded, etc.) must be approved, prior to entry, by the Quilt Registrar. Contact us to explain in detail, with photographs, what special requirements will be needed to exhibit the work.
  • Framed pieces may be accepted- please inquire for approval.
  • CQF reserves the right to retain photos of all entries for archival and promotional purposes.
  • Entrants are solely responsible for insuring their quilt(s).