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  • Rainbow Stars by  Ann Hockmeyer

  •  Best In Show 2017 by Janet Dalis

  • Vintage Rose by Leo McClure

3rd Annual Connections Quilt Festival at the WESTFORD REGENCY HOTEL, Westford, Mass.


Sunday, Oct. 21st Holiday Inn, Nashua, NH

Exit 4 Route 3,   1-3 PM By the Restaurant (inside) just passed the Front Desk Tuesday, 

Oct. 23rd 4-7 PM Westford Regency Hotel, Westford, MA

From 4-6 PM in the Lobby. From 6-7 PM in the 1st Floor Ballroom Turn right and head  down the corridor toward the ballroom. 

It will be on your left, and we'll be right outside the entrance or inside the ballroom.


10 AM - 5 PM Thursday & Friday (Oct. 25 & 26, 2018)

10 AM - 4 PM Saturday Oct. 27th, 2018 

Admission: $12.00- Cash (Exact change is very helpful, to shorten the entrance line.)
Admission is good for all 3 days.

Admission table will open at 8 AM and is located on the first floor entrance to the 
Regency Ballroom. 

Class Registration is also in this location. 

You may register for classes and lectures at the registration table.

SELECT YOUR CLASSES & EVENTS. Don't forget to add the REGISTRATION FEE. We look forward to welcoming you!

The theme for this year is inspiration. We are hoping that the Connections Quilt Festival is a relaxing Quilt Conference & Retreat where you will connect with friends, find inspiration in the works of other quilters, and come together to learn, laugh and reflect on the many twists and turns, and roads taken, and untaken, that have brought us all together at the Connections Quilt Festival. Come mingle, dine and learn, exploring classes with our Nationally Acclaimed instructors, enjoy the show, and find treasures in our Merchant Mall.

Take a dive with our great staff of teachers:

Margaret Mew, from Eliphinstone, Australia

Debby Brown, National HandiQuilter Educator

Karen Eckmeier, acclaimed, award winning, quilt artist

Betsy Habich, acclaimed, award winning, quilt artist

Diane Loomis, acclaimed, award winning, quilt artist

Kris Poor, Succesful Pattern Desginer and Creator of Innovative Quilting Products

more to come!

So please help us build the show by spreading the word to your friends, forwarding them our emails, inviting them to attend, sign up for classes and evening events to make the most of this once a year event.

Connections Quilt Festival: The 3 day quilt conference with a retreat feel!

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